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ProLinks #31

IT 2 Minutes of Programming: Don’t use loops. – You should use functions like map, filter, and reduce instead of writing for or while loops. Things you should never say when interviewing for a developer role – Being a developer… Read More »ProLinks #31

ProLinks #29

IT Programming Sucks – All programming teams are constructed by and of crazy people Google just gave a stunning demo of Assistant making an actual phone call – It’s hard to believe AI can interact with people this naturally What… Read More »ProLinks #29

ProLinks #20

About ethics in data science, the role of luck in a success or how can families afford children. More inside. IT Brief History of Programming Gitflow – Animated – Click on the buttons below / next to each branch to… Read More »ProLinks #20

ProLinks #19

How to teach machines, how to program programming language, how to manage engineers or how NASA prevented the end of the world. More inside. IT Teacup –  Once upon a time, there was a machine learning researcher who tried to… Read More »ProLinks #19

ProLinks #17

How to write bad code, why we need fewer product managers or how does worldwide overnight shipping works. More inside. IT Everyone Can Write Bad Code – It’s Simpler than You Think  We Need Fewer Product Managers – This post… Read More »ProLinks #17

ProLinks #15

About code reviews, failing, parallelism or why Mr. Bean rulez. More inside. IT Code Reviews – Why, what and how – Arne Mertz – Meeting C++ 2017 If You’re Going to Fail, Fail Safely – So when something does go… Read More »ProLinks #15

ProLinks #14

What makes a disaster, how to use conditions, detailed report about developers and more. Enjoy! IT The Effective Remote Developer When to use else in conditions? – I can tell you which one I would use, and for which reasons,… Read More »ProLinks #14

ProLinks #11

First ProLinks edition in 2018 brings a lot of links for IT professionals including solid Ruby criticism. Also interesting links about society, science and more inside. IT Managing Engineers with Ron Lichty The Problem Solver – Good developers are good… Read More »ProLinks #11