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ProLinks #35

IT Ridiculously Insecure Smart Lock – Regarding the third flaw, the manufacturer has responded that “…the lock is invincible to the people who do not have a screwdriver.” Why Skylake CPUs Are Sometimes 50% Slower – How Intel Has Broken… Read More »ProLinks #35

ProLinks #25

About real programmers, good developers, cognitive biases, China social experiment acronyms and more.  IT REAL programmers don’t use Visual Studio – Why would someone want a nice GUI when we can use terminal based editors, such as vim or emacs.… Read More »ProLinks #25

ProLinks #23

Why programmers never agree, why audience matters and about learning. More inside.  IT Stolen Bitcoin Tracing – Computerphile – When bitcoin is spent, remainders are re-encoded & combined – how do you separate out any ill-gotten gains from the legitimate… Read More »ProLinks #23

ProLinks #18

Linux on Android, how street names can break navigation or how jokes are made. More inside. IT Becoming a Software Developer – Myths vs. Reality Samsung Launch ‘Linux on Galaxy’ Survey – The ‘Linux on Galaxy’ project allows a regular… Read More »ProLinks #18