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machine learning

My 2023 in Books

In 2023, I have managed to read 101 books, although I have to admit there were a lot of short children ones. Average book length was 114 pages, so it is still about 52 average books a year, which is… Read More »My 2023 in Books

ProLinks Biometrics #47

I am back from vacation with more news for you! In today’s edition you can find about how Chinese companies are drafting standards or how US Navy saves millions by using biometrics. Enjoy! Source: Biometrics Streaming services trying to… Read More »ProLinks Biometrics #47

ProLinks Biometrics #45

As promised I am back after two weeks with a load of information about biometrics and related topics. We have everything from billion dollar lawsuits to issuing toilet paper using face. Enjoy! Biometrics Unlocking your phone with eyes closed New… Read More »ProLinks Biometrics #45

ProLinks #19

How to teach machines, how to program programming language, how to manage engineers or how NASA prevented the end of the world. More inside. IT Teacup –  Once upon a time, there was a machine learning researcher who tried to… Read More »ProLinks #19

ProLinks #6

Should you comment your code? Is there poo everywhere? How are people switching jobs? More inside. IT Why the Update Fever is Bad – I just got asked by a customer why there hasn’t been an update for several months… Read More »ProLinks #6