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ProLinks Biometrics #45

As promised I am back after two weeks with a load of information about biometrics and related topics. We have everything from billion dollar lawsuits to issuing toilet paper using face. Enjoy! Biometrics Unlocking your phone with eyes closed New… Read More »ProLinks Biometrics #45

ProLinks #31

IT 2 Minutes of Programming: Don’t use loops. – You should use functions like map, filter, and reduce instead of writing for or while loops. Things you should never say when interviewing for a developer role – Being a developer… Read More »ProLinks #31

Ťažký týždeň s Janom Gorduličom: Manipulácia, kauza Facebook aj Trump

Čo sa skrýva za megaškandálom Cambridge Analytica? Kto pomohol do prezidentského kresla Donaldovi Trumpovi? Nová časť satirickej šou Ťažký týždeň s Janom Gorduličom aj s praktickou radou na záver.

ProLinks #22

About users, media, facebook, reputation age and more. IT Flight Levels: The Organizational Improvement Levels – The Flight Level model poses one main question: Which organization levels offer which leverage for improvement? Bitcoin is Hurting the Search for Aliens! #deletefacebook… Read More »ProLinks #22