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Newsletter with interesting stuff

ProLinks #5

As I took a vacation after a long time and did not manage my time well, you can read this edition of ProLinks unusually on Tuesday. Non the less, you can learn about bitcoin bubble, where to live based on… Read More »ProLinks #5

ProLinks #4

Lot of stuff about serverless and other changes that are coming to IT world and also interesting looks into alt-right and Antifa worlds. All this and more in this week edition of ProLinks. IT No, I have no side… Read More »ProLinks #4

ProLinks #3

I was visiting customers in Bangkok during last week, so the stuff I have read and watched was mostly to relax after long day. But still you can learn something about algorithms, teamwork and what happens, when a monkey bites… Read More »ProLinks #3

ProLinks #2

In the second edition of ProLinks you can lear about PostgreSQL optimisation, A/B testing, discussion about death and much more. Enjoy! IT 10 Cool SQL Optimisations That do not Depend on the Cost Model – Today, we don’t want to talk… Read More »ProLinks #2

ProLinks #1

Welcome to first edition of ProLinks, the most interesting articles, videos, books and other interesting stuff I have found this weeks. IT Software Engineering is different from Programming – All software engineers can program, but not all programmers can engineer… Read More »ProLinks #1