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ProLinks #15

About code reviews, failing, parallelism or why Mr. Bean rulez. More inside. IT Code Reviews – Why, what and how – Arne Mertz – Meeting C++ 2017 If You’re Going to Fail, Fail Safely – So when something does go… Read More »ProLinks #15

ProLinks #14

What makes a disaster, how to use conditions, detailed report about developers and more. Enjoy! IT The Effective Remote Developer When to use else in conditions? – I can tell you which one I would use, and for which reasons,… Read More »ProLinks #14

ProLinks #13

SOLID principles, remote working and why recruiter is not your friend. More inside. IT The Stress of Remote Working – In software engineering, remote working makes a lot of sense since, most of the time, you only need a computer… Read More »ProLinks #13

ProLinks #12

Coders are not monkeys, how radio was the first web or how potatoes saved Europe. Enjoy! IT Legends of the Ancient Web – In just a few years, radio completes the transition from an eclectic group of participatory amateurs, to… Read More »ProLinks #12

ProLinks #11

First ProLinks edition in 2018 brings a lot of links for IT professionals including solid Ruby criticism. Also interesting links about society, science and more inside. IT Managing Engineers with Ron Lichty The Problem Solver – Good developers are good… Read More »ProLinks #11

ProLinks #10

Net neutrality, bitcoin, newest US aircraft carrier and lots more inside. IT How the end of net neutrality could change the internet Can we assume while testing software that a user wouldn’t perform such silly actions on software? – For… Read More »ProLinks #10

ProLinks #9

GDPR is coming, most programming jobs are bullshit and acts of gods are going away. More inside. IT Internet protocols are changing – For many years, there were negligible changes to these core Internet protocols; HTTP added a few new… Read More »ProLinks #9

ProLinks #8

5 rules of programming, universal basic income or how EU build a wall that Trump can be envious of. Enjoy! IT Why Concerns About Net Neutrality Are Overblown – Critics worry that getting rid of neutrality regulation will lead to… Read More »ProLinks #8

ProLinks #7

In this week edition you can learn about monads, business lessons, healthcare systems or why most public benches suck. Enjoy! IT How programmers get disqualified from doing everything else – Being able to program is one of the few skills… Read More »ProLinks #7

ProLinks #6

Should you comment your code? Is there poo everywhere? How are people switching jobs? More inside. IT Why the Update Fever is Bad – I just got asked by a customer why there hasn’t been an update for several months… Read More »ProLinks #6