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What is good enough?

People often get stuck with perfectionism. Or even more often, they want to do a good job, do it 100 percent or as best as possible. Usually, you really need just good enough. But what is good enough?

Good enough is whatever what will the stakeholder or client accept or you convince him to accept it and be happy with it. That is it. Sometimes people will accept even bad products, reports, information or whatever. If they accept is it is good enough.

It is also about doing stuff for yourself. You are the client and only stakeholder, so whatever you accept as good enough is good enough. Do not get push into doing more because of what others might think.

This can be also dangerous. The goal is not getting settled with doing good enough with everything

Use good enough strategy for most not important things or not crucial things and invest the saved time and resources into doing great job where it really matters or, to be more precise, where you have the most influence and impact.

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