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Burned Out Doctors

I have some experience with medical system in Slovakia over past few years and in general, people are nice and helpful, you get help and solid diagnosis and prognosis. However, there is one thing, that really annoys me and it says more about people in Slovakia than the doctors themselves.

Most doctors have given up on providing lifestyle changes suggestions to improve or fix health issues.

I get it. When you are saying constantly to your patiants, that they should excersise, eat less, change diet, sit less etc. and noone actually listens, you stop saying that to people. It is easier and you are not dissapointed when they do not listen.

Unfortunately, it hurts people like me, who could have actually listened.

I got mostly fatalistic outlook for my back pain issues from doctors. “There is nothing that can be done”. “It will get only worse”, “You will need an operation” and so on. One doctor told me, that I will need to excersise daily, but not in a way that it will actually help, but that at least it won’t hurt as much.

Only one neurosurgeon, young guy, was optimistic, despite critical bulge of the disc. He saw that I excersise and I am eager to aviod operation, so he told me if I keep it up, I can. He was the only one. And probably only because he is not yet burned out as the older doctors are.

I had to get the information that the issue can be actually solved from doctors abroad, physical therapists and youtube videos from people, who went through the same.

Burn out lead doctors to not focus on actuall fixes (excersise) and instead focusing but on workaround (stretching, medication, operation) because that is something, they use daily. Hammer is the tool to solve everything.

Can you identify your burn out? Have you given up on really solving issues and are focusing only on workarounds? Are you giving actual advice or something that people want to hear so you are not dissapointed when they do not listen in the end?

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