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Bulging disk helped me live a better life

I ended up two times in an emergency room with a severe back pain (meaning I could not walk) and each time it took me several days to weeks to really walk properly again.

After the first time. It took me about a month to start walking without a cane. I have started physiotherapy, and it worked reasonably well, but I did not investigate really into what happened.

Then I underestimated walking and exercise for about 3 months and ended up in an emergency room the second time. This time the recovery was much faster, I needed the cane only about a week. It was thanks to my overall better shape.

However, what also changed is, that I have started really looking into what happened to me, visited more neurologist, neurosurgeon, avoided a surgery (for now) and restructured my life.

Daily exercise of at least 10–15 minutes is mandatory. Walking at least 6000 steps a day at least 6 days a week is a must. Swimming 2–3 times a week and an hour session with a physical therapist in a gym is now part of my life.

And it is good that I made these changes. I feel better than I have felt in my 20s, are healthier, stronger and have better endurance.

It was good that it happened to me in my 30s instead of 40s or 50s. This gave me a head start to have a better life sooner.

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