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AI Tools I would like to see

  • Take a picture of a meal and provide information about its calorie content, nutritional value, and any missing nutrients in the diet over a specified time period.
  • Writing using a pen on a screen that works great, seamlessly, without any need to correct the conversion to a typed script. It can also seamlessly convert drawings included between the text and multiple languages at the same time.
  • Real-time translation between any languages offline that can accurately process even the accents of non-native speakers (e.g., a Slovakian speaking English).
  • Take a picture of a pose during exercise and suggest corrections to the execution of the move. Process a video of a swimmer and propose a training plan.
  • Really controlling my device using voice. For example, saying “create a reminder in any application that can do that for time XYZ” or “add event to any calendar application,” etc.
  • Automatically adjust fitness targets based on biometric measurements to keep improving continuously at a steady rate based on the person’s progress.

What are you missing?

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