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RSS is the king – How to read “that much”

People often ask me, how am I able to read and share so many articles and videos. I use RSS for more than 16 years since the days of Google Reader and until now I have not found a better way to access the internet. Social network tried but went broke pretty fast with algorithms and not chronological timelines.

RSS allows me to access all my favorite news, videos, podcasts and discussions in one place and rapidly saves time and broadens my perspective, without all the bloat of websites, YouTube, Reddit or other media.

My standard mode is auto mark as read, so I open the app, scroll, and save stuff I would like to read, watch or listen to later. I can go through hundreds of sources and thousands of items in a matter of minutes per day without seeing any advertisement, repeated posts or bloat I did not subscribe to. There is no other way to do this.

I have been using Inoreader for a few years, but good mobile apps are also RSS Reader Offline or Feeder. The only thing I track outside of main RSS reader are Podcasts, but I still use RSS technology with Podcast Addict, just because it has amazing time-saving features like speed of play, intro and outro skipping, auto download, auto remove etc.

Great thing about this also is, I can switch to another app anytime. Just export an OPML file and import it to another and you are done.

Break the locks of closed systems like social media, Spotify, YouTube and others. Become more effective and well-read. RSS is the way.

You can also subscribe to this blog in any RSS reader.

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