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Freedom to move

When I was younger, more naïve, and less experienced, I thought that we could solve a lot of problems in politics by letting countries have different, even drastic, political systems, such as fascism and communism, and just allowing people to move between them freely.

Of course, this could never work because, by definition, the radical systems would not allow people to move freely and would sooner or later feel the need to go into conflict with other systems.

However, this system works well in democratic and capitalist marketplaces. There are workplaces that are more strict, even authoritarian. There are companies that are more relaxed. There are hierarchical ones and there are flat ones. There are more woke and more conservative ones. Some are owned by one owner and some are owned by all employees.

And (almost) everyone can freely choose the type of company they want to work for. And the best systems will eventually outperform the others. It is, however, dependent on the precondition that the companies work in a free society.

For fans of autocratic systems, try working in a company with an autocratic owner or boss before voting for such politicians.

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