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Novelty gratification

I like new things. The excitement from a new phone, tablet, or laptop is always there. What can it do? What is new? This feeling usually leaves after a few days, and I am a couple of hundred Euros poorer.

I figured out some time ago that I can usually address this feeling by changing small things: buying a new case for my phone, rearranging the apps, trying out a new launcher, or changing an app to a different one. The excitement is the same; usually, I learn something new and, on top of that, I find better ways to use the tools I already have.

The same can be done with other things in life. Is having a beer with your friend becoming boring? Change pubs. Switch to wine. Bored at home with your wife? Rearrange the furniture. Try watching a new series. Play a game instead of watching TV.

Also, work can be boosted by this, and a lot of money can be saved. Do not switch to a new framework or tool just because the old one is becoming boring. Try to tune the existing one and make it more efficient. Rearrange your workplace.

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