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The importance of mission statements and goals

If you think about it, most missions in video games are really boring. Go somewhere. Pick something up. Talk to someone. Kill 10 lions. Solve a small puzzle. But video games are fun, mostly because of two things – interesting story and/or clear goals. Save a princess. Hit score 10000. Beat the opponent.

Also, a lot of work and life is boring. Without a mission statement and clear goals, it can be really boring. First, there is no clear story for life or work. That’s where a mission statement can help us. Why am I alive? What is the end goal? What should people say about me on my funeral? You can then use this mission statement and make it part of your daily interactions with people and the world, just like in a video game.

There are also usually no clear goals in life or work, unless someone sets them for you (finish school, bring 100k in revenue). If no one provides clear goals, we can define them ourselves. How many stories should I close in the next month? How many bugs should I slay? How many potential clients should I contact?

Making boring stuff into exciting ones is not that hard. Most stuff in life is boring, unless you give it a meaning and/or set a target.

As an individual, you are responsible for your mission statement and goals. As a manager you should have them for a team, department or a company.

Make life and work more exciting.

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