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Doing it as an (IT) engineer

There is a strange thing in IT that most engineers do not really like to do stuff that are normal for most engineers in other industries. Mainly it is following standard processes and documenting work comprehensively.

I will focus mostly on the documentation, because, from my experience, that is the biggest issue for people in the IT sector. Writing proper commits, adding comments to Jira tickets, documenting work step by step, logging hours spent on task, documenting solution of an issue, clearly stating a problem in writing etc.

If you want to call your self an engineer (system, software or any other kind), you must learn to write everything down and in good quality. It does not mean randomly generating a lots of pages of text. Just writing down everything you have done when working on a taks or solving a problem. Why?

Imagine a construction engineer building a house and not preparing a layout upfront or documenting all the utilities in the walls. These documents are not something you read every day, and often you never look at them. But once in 10 years, when there is an issue or you are doing a renovation, if you are missing them, it is a big issue.

There are people building houses or doing renovation without the paperwork, but those are not engineers, but random guys building stuff.

The same applies in IT. Most stuff you write down is not something that will be used widely or often. But when the same issue happens again, and the ticket which resolved it previously is empty, or the information inside is not helpful, you will swear a lot. The same goes for missing changelogs, or documentation of functionality, and guides on usage of products and tools.

Do you want to be an engineer or a random guy in IT?

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