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Walking fast when you do not have to

There are people, who walk in a leisurely way most of the time, and speed up only when needed, e.g. when there is a green light or a tram is at the stop. They usually do not only speed up, they will start running.

Then there are people, who walk fast all the time. They want to go from point A to point B as fast as possible. Even when there is a red light, and you know that you will need to stop and wait there. And if there is a tram, they will not run, they will keep their usual fast pace and wait for the next tram if they miss it.

People of the second type (fast walkers) will be better off over all. Why? Because their habit is effective, so most of the time they will arrive on time or earlier, not waste time while commuting and have more time for fun or work. Even if it means occasionally waiting. It is not an issue, it is time to rest. Less stress, more time. And better health due to heightened physical activity.

People walking slowly (runners) on the other hand have a habit, that causes constant stress from fear of missing a green light or a tram. Their health is also worse due to lower activity. They do not wait as much, but they are more stressed and less healthy.

The same is true for life and work. Always walking fast will mean that sometimes you have to wait on a colleague, client, market or a friend, but it will create more time in the end for life and other important stuff. If there is a deadline, you will get there sooner and wait.

Going slowly and running only when needed means procrastination and catching up before deadlines. You will not miss them, but it is not healthy in the long term. And in the end, you will not get as far as a fast runner. As a fast runner, can use the spare time waiting to do something more.

Are you a fast walker or a runner?

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