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Lost importance of parties

A wedding, a birthday party, a move-in party, a celebration of a newborn. These events and others have one important social function, that many have forgotten. It is not to meet with people you have not seen for a long time. It is actually creating an opportunity for friends from different places to get to know each other.

Your colleagues, college friends, friends of your wife, your teammates from your sports club and others who would probably never meet. It creates a lot of opportunity. For friendship, for business, for love, for learning. It is much easier for people to get to know each other, when they have you as an organizer in common and hard to decline the invite, when it is once or twice a life event.

Haven’t organized a party in a long time? Do it as soon as an opportunity arises and invite the widest range of people possible. Do not create silos, break them. You as an organizer are not that important, creating space for your friends to widen their social network is.

In the end, it will help you the most, because having successful friends will help you succeed in life and have a strong security net if things do not go that well.

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