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Bit by bit, then all of a sudden

I do not like cleaning. But I do not like a big mess either. Over the time, I have developed a bit by bit cleaning approach. It looks something like this.

I need a tissue because of a runny nose. I use it and – here it goes – I do not usually put it directly into a bin (I would need to go there, open a drawer, the bin, bend down… aaaaah, too much effort). I just put it on the table.

Later on I see the tissue and bring it closer to the trash, e.g. on the kitchen sideboard.

A couple of tissues and other smaller trash collects there and only then I pick it all, open a drawer, the bin, bend down and put it into the trash.

The same works for me with clothes (socks next to a couch or a bed, etc.).

I clean bit by bit and then, all of a sudden, my flat is clean.

The same can be applied to life and work. People do not know how to start or are paralyzed by getting their life in order. It is too daunting.

Do you have a hard task at work?

Write it down as a sentence.

Create a ticket in your work ticketing system another time.

Expend the description a few days on.

Create a subtask next week.

Finish one of those the day after.

And then another. And another.

Then, all of a sudden, you are done.

Do you want to get into shape? Do not promise yourself you will go to a gym 3 times a week. Start by using a standing desk. Or using stairs instead of an elevator. Do it a bit by bit. And after some time, all of a sudden, you are more fit than you were a few weeks ago. And then you build on it.

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