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My 2023 in TV Series

With a kid, it is easier to watch series than movies, so I have watched a few this year. Here is my top 10.

The Last of Us (2023)

This was the best television I have seen in years. I loved the fact that they did not release all episodes at once, and we were awaiting each new with excitement. Long, Long Time is one of the best TV episodes ever. If the second series will be better (as the game is) it will be brutal. 9/10

Bill Burr Presents Immoral Compass (2021)

A couple of shorts connected by the rambling of Bill Burr. I call this Black Mirror of comedy, as the twists are epic and unexpected and funny as hell. 9/10

You can watch all of it for free on YouTube

Cunk on… (2018)

British comedy at its best. Dark, offensive, educational and dumb at the same time. Philomena is one of the best comedy fictional characters out there. 9/10

The Last Dance (2020)

I am not a big sports fan (although I have started watching American football regularly), but this documentary is very well-made and the story is interesting by itself. Story of the 90s. 9/10

Adventure Time: Distant Lands (2020)

Short spinoff series to original Adventure Time, keeping the atmosphere, animation and humor but expanding the story to different places and dimensions. 9/10

From the Earth to the Moon (1998)

I cannot wait for Artemis missions and return to the moon, and this series covers how we got there in the first place. Amazing behind the scenes reconstructions. 9/10

Puffin Rock (2015)

Most children show are boring and terrible. This one is just beautiful to watch. 9/10

Ask the Storybots (2016)

Puffin Rock is beautiful, Story Bots are just funny, crazy and educational. 8/10

North & South (2004)

Short series from BBC about love and clash between workers and owners. Both parts, the romance and business, are interesting, and the performances are great. 8/10

Das Boot (1985)

This miniseries shows the boring and dark parts of war. It creates amazing atmosphere using minimalistic sets and effects. Showing both boredom of U-Boot assignment, and also it’s changing to immediate life or death situation. 8/10

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