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My 2023 in Music

This was an interesting year for me. I have listened to a lot of classical music thanks to Pulitzer prize winners list and found some masterpieces, I have discovered the charm of Eurovision and listened to 2948 artists, 4487 albums and 8240 different songs.

Most listened artist for me was Moja Reč, mainly thanks to their album Dobrí chlapci 4 and re-release of their demo Moja Reč & Komplot. The best songs from the album for me were Slnko a Mesiac and Muchy.

My top discovery was Kaarija from Finland thanks to his great performance in Eurovision (you need to watch it all)

His album Fantastista was one of the best I have heard in a while, and it is worth checking his lyrics translations, you will be surprised.

The most memorable musical experience for me was Bruce Springsteen on Broadway, and I have started listening to this guy a lot.

Miro Žbirka, one of the best musicians from Slovakia ever, has died, and his compilation The Best Of Miro Žbirka (2020 ABBEY ROAD REMASTER) and also last album POSLEDNÉ VECI were amazing, and I have come back to them several times.

My detailed 2023 in Music can be found here or in summary here. And as a bonus, the best Eurovision performances according to me

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