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My (short) experience with Mastodon

After being off social media (outside of LinkedIn which I don’t count as I use it as a CV) for more than two years I have given Mastodon a try.

At first it is bit confusing how “fediverse” works, but it is quite easy if you are familiar with queues and subscribe/push model.

I liked the decentralization idea and the app and web interface are simple and great. Chronological feed is all I need.

However, Mastodon fails where every social network fails – people.

It feels like Truth Social alternative for leftist with a lot of viral anticapitalist content.

In discussions there was a lot of talk about “allies”, feelings and end of the world due to climate change and little about solutions. Any questions out of mainstream (not offensive one, just stuff like asking for a source of a claim) turned into witch-hunt and talk about presenting intellectual superiority. Apparently questioning unsubstantiated claims and presenting counterpoints is not welcome.

If people unable to maintain simple civil argument rule a social media platform, it is a waste of time. And that’s exactly what Mastodon is. Another in a long line of attempts.

Use RSS, follow sites and blogs and read books. Until someone figures out how to keep trolls and people without basic argumentation skills out of social media, there is little point being on one as a user.

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