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ProLinks Biometrics #50 – Heat seeking facial recognition vs. Sunglasses

While a project mentioned in today’s edition is demonstrating sunglasses that prevent infrared cameras from recognizing you, other news talk about US military and Intel working on recognizing you by using your body heat. 
I guess we will have never-ending fight of recognition and ant-recognition technology.


Facebook is patenting facial payments

To be honest, I am still amazed on what can be patented and do not understand the (US) patent law, but Facebook patent of payments using facial recognition does not seem to be that original.

Biometrics one of the main trends in payments

Facebook is probably just trying to capture this rising market, related to strong customer authentication.

Sunglasses which protect you from sun facial recognition

Sunglasses that hide your face from infrared cameras or shirts that throw fake plates into plate recognition systems. Some of the ways people are using to fight against so called “surveillance capitalism”.


Biometrics for voter identification

Here is a great resource of data regarding usage of biometrics in voters systems from The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA).

Long range facial recognition

Standard cameras have their limits, so US military is trying to use advanced heat seeking technology to identify people faces at a distance. Intel is also working on the same technology.

When will biometrics replace passwords

Findbiometrics has completed its annual survey, here you can find the opinions of industry experts on the time-frame of biometrics replacing passwords.

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