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ProLinks #42 – Enterprise Archtecture, Jordan Peterson, squirrel attack and more


Cloud architecture: The end of multi-tenancy? – The key benefit of a multi tenant system is the immediacy of a new (logical) customer instance.
Pseudo Localization @ Netflix – As we add language support for our members residing in 190 different countries, scaling globalization at Netflix has never been more important.
How To Review Code You Don’t Understand – One of the troubles I have with code review is understanding the context around a change. Given a diff, I can work through it line-by-line and understand most of what’s going on there, probably.
What makes a great software engineer? – Knowing algorithms and data structures will get you the job. But to be great, you’ll need a whole lot more.
Quick Lessons in Data Science practice – Basic statistics and mathematics is your compass in the field of Data Science. You must have it to have a sense of direction. 
Enterprise Architecture – Architecting the Enterprise by Gregor Hohpe #AgileIndia2018


‘It’s nothing like a broken leg’: why I’m done with the mental health conversation – It’s never been easier to open up – but hashtag healthcare doesn’t help people like me
What If You Only Drank Diet Soda – Artificial sweeteners are one of diet soda’s main ingredients. But studies have shown that the artificial sweeteners within diet sodas can cause a series of health problems.


Is war with China inevitable? – David Kang: One of the most interesting patterns in East Asian history—which is quite different from the European pattern—is that when China is strong and big there’s a lot less fighting. 


Why Most Personality Tests Are Wrong – You’re not a static personality type like tests such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Suggest. Rather, you’re a dynamic interaction of personality traits that can be shaped over time.

Jordan Peterson

I was Jordan Peterson’s strongest supporter. Now I think he’s dangerous – He wanted to establish a church, he said, in which he would deliver sermons every Sunday.
Jordan Peterson & Fascist Mysticism – “Men have to toughen up,” Jordan B. Peterson writes in 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos, “Men demand it, and women want it.”


How reliable is fingerprint analysis? – Fingerprinting is used by law enforcement all over the world, but it may not be as reliable as you think.



Don’s World – Speakers Corner, London – Free Speech – This time, I take you to see on of my favourite things about London, Speakers Corner in Hyde Park.
Why Do Disney Princesses All Look Like Babies? – You’ll never look at cartoons the same way again
Police in Germany rescue man being chased by baby squirrel – Officers in Karlsruhe arrive to find man unable to shake off tiny rodent

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