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ProLinks #39 – How to take 7 years to ship a beta, counting people, spread of fake news and more


How to take 7 years to ship a beta. – So how can you take 7 years to make your game? Here are some important tips and tricks for taking your sweet time.
Counting People with Andrew Farah – Knowing how many people are in your building can answer several business-related questions. Do you need to unlock an additional entrance? Should you open another store? Do you really need a building this big?

“Real developers don’t use UIs” – The value of web UIs for CLI-oriented users
The Spread of Fake News – How does fake news get spread online? Its not just a matter of manipulating search algorithms.


Trevor Noah’s World Cup joke shows how the world misunderstands the French – To people outside France, the debate between a comedian and an ambassador over soccer may seem odd. But the joke has struck a nerve because it intersects with the very serious issue of French national identity.


Road diets: designing a safer street –  Reconfigure the lanes and the traffic will calm. 
What a conductor actually does on stage – It’s more than just dancing around.

The World in UV – UV cameras expose a hidden world and reveal the incompleteness of our perception

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