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ProLinks #38 – About Microsoft calling for regulation, a bull with most descendents and more


Microsoft calls for facial recognition technology rules given ‘potential for abuse’ – President Brad Smith warns authorities might track, investigate or arrest people based on flawed evidence.
Source: Wikimedia
They Watched Us With Webcams And Rewrote Our Code! –  One of the most frustrating software projects I’ve been on involved webcam spying and having our code rewritten.


The General Crisis – In which John gets curious about the last time global human population declined and ends up learning about a period of human history called The General Crisis. 


How I’m Getting Richer Every Day – I’m not hungry for money. Compared to several years ago, when I had less money, I still have the same life.


How One Bull Revolutionized The Way We Drink Milk – Cows that mated with famed bull Pawnee Farm Arlinda Chief produced far more milk than the average cow.

‘Find Your Passion’ Is Awful Advice – A major new study questions the common wisdom about how we should choose our careers.

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