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ProLinks #37 – Critique of full-stack engineering, rain in the Data Centre and more


I Don’t Believe in Full-Stack Engineering –  Of all the engineers I’ve met over the years only one has come close to what that title, full-stack engineer, implies: the ability to easily navigate the back-end and front-end with a senior level of expertise. For the rest of us though, it’s simply not possible to do both.
It Was Raining in the Data Center – What do Facebook’s secluded servers reveal about the internet’s military roots?
Manual Work is a Bug – A.B.A: always be automating
Future Projection with Tim O’Reilly – Tim O’Reilly’s book What’s the Future? is an overview of business, technology, and society. As the founder of O’Reilly Media, Tim has been steeped in technology trends for the last 40 years.


What Is Employee ‘Ghosting’? How Companies Created Their Own Worst Nightmare – Employers have been ‘ghosting’ workers for years; now the tables have turned. Here’s how to improve the situation.


10 Mistakes New Parents Make – The top gaffes of new parents during baby’s first year and how to avoid them.

12 Questions Every First-Time Parent Asks – When you’re a first-time parent, it’s better to sound silly than be sorry. We had pediatricians answer a dozen baby-care queries you were too embarrassed to ask.
A Guide for First-Time Parents – Getting Help After the Birth


Things Healthy Couples Don’t Fight About – And how it’s different from unhealthy ones




Watching for Nuclear Attack at the Top of the World –  Built in the 1950s, these were the sites that would have sounded the alarm if the Soviet Union ever attacked North America. Or at least, they were until they went obsolete just a few years later.
How people interpret probability through words – In the early 1990s, the CIA published internal survey results for how people within the organization interpreted probabilistic words such as “probable” and “little chance”.

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