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ProLinks #36


Engineering Student Designs a “Mobile Airbag” that Deploys When your Device is Dropped – The German Society for Mechatronics recently awarded outstanding work in the field of mechatronics.
Why I left my job at Google (as a software engineer) –   “The Tech Lead” Patrick Shyu explains why he quit Google as a software engineer.
The 666 roadmap – If you work in a startup, a really effective way of thinking about your product roadmap is over three timelines: the next 6 years, next 6 months, and next 6 weeks. 


The independent researcher – Many researchers were personally wealthy or had access to deep pockets. Charles Darwin pursued scientific collection as a hobby, and his first voyage on HMS Beagle was funded by his family.


The Irresistible Goblin of Chiloé – The world has always been full of hideous goblins. Perhaps it is time we started to shine some light on them.

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