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ProLinks #34


The Manager Who Knew Everything – Have you ever worked for/with a manager that knows everything about everything? You know the sort; no matter what the issue, they stubbornly have an answer.
Microservices Maturity Quiz – Below, you have a number of best practices that are common among the most successful deployments of microservices architecture. Take the quiz and see how you measure up!
I fear Google’s control of the web – My fear is this — once Google has control of the web, they can turn off huge parts of it for whatever reason, however thoughtless, and without disclosing why. They might say they would never do it, but I’ve seen them do it with Google Reader. 
Alternatives to Google Products – The Complete List – It’s been fun Google, but it’s time to say goodbye.


The Psychology of Money – Let me tell you the story of two investors, neither of whom knew each other, but whose paths crossed in an interesting way.


Copenhagenize your city: the case for urban cycling in 12 graphs – Danish-Canadian urban designer Mikael Colville-Andersen busts some common myths and shows how the bicycle has the potential to transform cities around the world.
Tilting an Icy Floor Until You Fall Over: WinterLab – If you’re in Canada, you need good winter boots. But how do you know whether they’re actually safe, or whether you’ll fall over the first time you step on ice?

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