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ProLinks #26


Be likeable or get fired! – I have just been let go by my employer after only 5 months on the job. As usual in my country, the contract I signed included a probation period of 6 months within which any party (employee or employer) could terminate the contract, basically without advance notice.
How IBM quietly pushed out 20,000 older workers –  Age discrimination can be very hard to prove.
For mathematicians, = does not mean equality – It’s ironic that so much of the merits or detriment of the use of = is based on a veiled appeal to the purity of mathematics. Just as often software engineers turn the tables, and any similarity to mathematics is decried as elitist jibber jabber (Such an archaic and abstruse use of symbols! Oh no, big-O!). 
Hiring your first Product Manager. – There are no Ivy League courses you can hire from without a second thought. Also, who is a PM really?
Designing Services for Resilience: Netflix Lessons – Nora Jones talks about designing microservices for enabling resiliency testing and the moving parts we need to consider when designing them from the get go, and along their lifetime.

A Short Overview of Object Oriented Software Design – Demonstrated by implementing a Role-Playing Game’s classes


Are Smoothies Really Healthy? According To A Sugar Expert –  Fruits are composed of two types of fibers” soluble and insoluble. Both are beneficial to your health, particularly the health of your liver.
“Is curing patients a sustainable business model?” Goldman Sachs analysts ask – Analyst report notes that Gilead’s hep C cure will make less than $4 billion this year.


This Awesome Periodic Table Tells You How to Actually Use All Those Elements  – Lucky for us, Keith Enevoldsen from has come up with this awesome periodic table that gives you at least one example for every single element (except for those weird superheavy elements that don’t actually exist in nature).
How a warmer Arctic could intensify extreme weather –  Is there a link between the vanishing Arctic sea ice and extreme weather?
Top 10 climate change myths (find the answer to your favorite) – I made this video to summarize all the various climate myths I have covered over the last 10 years.


My descent into America’s neo-Nazi movement — and how I got out | Christian Picciolini – At 14, Christian Picciolini went from naïve teenager to white supremacist — and soon, the leader of the first neo-Nazi skinhead gang in the United States. 
Purrli – The Internet has a Cat
How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You) – This is a post about something I’ve been wanting to write about forever: careers. Society tells us a lot of things about what we should want in a career and what the possibilities are—which is weird because I’m pretty sure society knows very little about any of this.
Productivity – A small productivity gain, compounded over 50 years, is worth a lot.

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