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ProLinks #23

Why programmers never agree, why audience matters and about learning. More inside. 


Stolen Bitcoin Tracing – Computerphile – When bitcoin is spent, remainders are re-encoded & combined – how do you separate out any ill-gotten gains from the legitimate hard-earned lucre? 
Why Do Some Programmers Never Agree? –  Why does it seem like no matter how strong your argument, some programmers never agree with you? 
Your audience matters the most – Don’t fish out for email addresses, we’re humans you know.
Why German companies fail at digital innovation – (No) thanks to hierarchical managers, obsolete tools and daft politics, Germany risks being left in the digital dark age.
World Models – Can agents learn inside of their own dreams?


All Models Are Wrong –  Every scientific model or representation of something in nature is simplified, reduced, in order to make them useful. 


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