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ProLinks #20

About ethics in data science, the role of luck in a success or how can families afford children. More inside.


Brief History of Programming

Gitflow – Animated – Click on the buttons below / next to each branch to simulate the action. And see the commits flowing.
Can we be honest about ethics? – Stealing and selling someone’s organs is obviously unethical — egregiously so. But most of the problems used to justify the need for a data science ethical code are not the steal-your-kidney sort of problem.
Beyond Accuracy: Precision and Recall – Choosing the right metrics for classification tasks


How politicians troll the media


The Role of Luck in Life Success Is Far Greater Than We Realized – Are the most successful people in society just the luckiest people?
National Identity Is Made Up – National identity is the myth that built the modern world.
How can families afford children? – Answer me the riddle: The richer the society becomes the less families can afford children? (Note look at India being at replacement level fertility and it is the rich areas bringing the average down.)


The Coastline Paradox Explained

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