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ProLinks #15

About code reviews, failing, parallelism or why Mr. Bean rulez. More inside.


Code Reviews – Why, what and how – Arne Mertz – Meeting C++ 2017

If You’re Going to Fail, Fail Safely – So when something does go wrong, we want to minimize the impact as much as possible. 
How I Hacked 40 Websites in 7 minutes – Long story short, my experience was always limited to simulated environments, and since I consider myself a white-hat hacker (aka one of the good guys) I never stuck my nose into other peoples’ businesses — quite literally.
Why Personas Fail – I love demystifying this abstract topic, making it concrete, and addressing common pitfalls that practitioners encounter.
Concurrency != Parallelism – beware: as with most things in life, a lot of people consider that there’s no real difference between the two.
Concurrency is not parallelism –  To clear up this conflation, Rob Pike gave a talk at Heroku’s Waza conference entitled Concurrency is not parallelism, and a video recording of the talk was released a few months ago.
10 Tips for 10x Application Performance –  For example, a study done by Amazon almost 10 years ago proved that, even then, a 100‑millisecond decrease in page‑loading time translated to a 1% increase in its revenue.
Shit Programmers Say, Translated – Here are eight of the most common programmer sayings, translated.
Google doesn’t necessarily need innovation – I’m getting a lot of calls from reporters, asking me for a hot take on my claim yesterday that Google has lost the ability to innovate.
What the hell does serverless mean? – Serverless computing is most likely going to be the infrastructure ROI king of 2018. It would be wise for any business looking to scale to take a hard look at it. So… what the hell is serverless computing?

Paradigm shifts for the decentralized Web – As separate markets for data and apps emerge, Web development needs to adopt a new shape.


How to write a really great resume that actually gets you hired – This is a data-driven guide to writing a resume that actually gets you hired. I’ve spent the past four years analyzing which resume advice works regardless of experience, role, or industry.


The Backfire Effect – Part Four – New research into the backfire effect…complicates things, but it also provides us with new insights and strategies when it comes to correcting misconceptions and spreading the truth.


Is There Something Wrong With Democracy? – After 200 years of expansion, democracy’s growth in the world has stalled.


How Generative Music Works – A Perspective
Kamikaze Tactics – Insane or Rational?

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — Breaking Convention

Clarity is Underrated – Why are consultants “paid to tell you what you already know?” Why are some otherwise intelligent people bad at expressing their ideas?
Mr. Bean Is A Master Of Physical Comedy

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