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ProLinks #14

What makes a disaster, how to use conditions, detailed report about developers and more. Enjoy!


The Effective Remote Developer

When to use else in conditions? – I can tell you which one I would use, and for which reasons, however I think there will be as many opinions as community members here…
CppCon 2017: David Sankel “So, you inherited a large code base…”

Unforseen Problems

What Makes a Failure a Disaster? – It was December 31, 1999, and a young sysadmin had just bet her boss that their systems wouldn’t go down. The stakes were her job. She was driving 4 hours to go to a New Year’s Eve party with her friends, and she wasn’t worried about Y2K.
The Limitations of Chaos Engineering – Chaos Engineering, and fault injection in particular, is all the rage. Breaking things on purpose, rather than “by accident”, is what the cool kids do these days.

Fellow Engineers: This is where your money comes from – You programmers are crazy with the free work. Someone tells me they want anything over an hour and a half of my time, I will decline.
2018 Developer Skills Report – The future of work will be very different. Irrespective of your job, it will become important for everyone to learn how to code.


Are You Cool or Are You Crazy? How Sociologists Define Healthy Rebellion

Why driverless cars may mean jams tomorrow – They will spare the world neither traffic congestion nor infrastructure expense


You aren’t at the mercy of your emotions — your brain creates them | Lisa Feldman Barrett

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