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ProLinks #12

Coders are not monkeys, how radio was the first web or how potatoes saved Europe. Enjoy!


Legends of the Ancient Web – In just a few years, radio completes the transition from an eclectic group of participatory amateurs, to a mass audience of passive consumers and a professional class of producers. 
Martin Fowler @ OOP2014 “Not Just Code Monkeys”

What does code readability mean? – Programmers complain about readability and talk about bad code and unclean code, and the difficulties they run into trying to understand and maintain that code. What do we mean by readability? What makes code unreadable?


Steven Pinker: Political Correctness Might Be Redpilling America


Clutch, How does it work ?


The global dominance of white people is thanks to the potato – In hindsight, the rise of Europe—and, more broadly, the West—seems inevitable. It wasn’t. In fact, a glance at 1600s Europe makes this ascension look downright dubious.


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