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ProLinks #9

GDPR is coming, most programming jobs are bullshit and acts of gods are going away. More inside.


Internet protocols are changing – For many years, there were negligible changes to these core Internet protocols; HTTP added a few new headers and methods, TLS slowly went through minor revisions, TCP adapted congestion control, and DNS introduced features like DNSSEC. 

Most Software Dev Jobs Are Bullshit Jobs – I believe that there is literally no reason software developers should ever work 80, or even 40 hours a week.
Bitcoin is none of the things it was supposed to be – The cryptocurrency was supposed to replace the finance industry. Instead, it has replicated it.

That time Larry Ellison allegedly tried to have a professor fired for benchmarking Oracle – In 1983, at the University of Wisconsin, Dina Bitton, David DeWitt, and Carolyn Turbyfill created a database benchmarking framework.
Memory Leaks: Fallacies and Misconceptions – I will walk you through four different patterns of memory usage, explaining which of these are symptomatic to memory leaks and which ones are not.

How can I maintain code quality without SCM? – I am working in a governmental institution. The technology being used here and the methods for developing software are quite old fashioned. 
What Should Software Engineers Know about GDPR? – Are you going to create new software solutions in 2018? If so, it might be a good idea to read this. EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is moving out of the transition period next summer to become enforceable.


Ten Monster Projects That Will Kill Your Career as an Intrapreneur – While many business leaders are eager to embrace the wave of innovation and disrupt themselves, some manage to sabotage the same intrapreneurs that they cheerlead by setting them up for failure.
Maker vs. Manager: How Your Schedule Can Make or Break You – Consider the daily schedule of famed novelist Haruki Murakami. When he’s working on a novel, he starts his days at 4 am and writes for five or six continuous hours.


Are “Acts of God” Disappearing?


What If You Only Ate Meat?


The Philosophy of Fight Club – Wisecrack Edition

Are certain familiar narrative arcs inherently appealing? – Although his master’s thesis on the topic was rejected by the University of Chicago’s anthropology department, it’s hard to discount the acuity of the US writer Kurt Vonnegut’s theory of ‘story shapes’.


Napoleon was the Best General Ever, and the Math Proves it. – Ranking Every* General in the History of Warfare
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