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ProLinks #7

In this week edition you can learn about monads, business lessons, healthcare systems or why most public benches suck. Enjoy!


How programmers get disqualified from doing everything else – Being able to program is one of the few skills that can make you be seen as less than what you are.

What is a Monad?

DRY principle often makes my code more complicated and/or more difficult to understand – How do I get over this? What am I not considering?

May the next Etsy learn its lessons – Venture capital taught Etsy that making money wasn’t a skill it needed to learn early on.

Code Health: Obsessed With Primitives? – Programming languages provide basic types, such as integers, strings, and maps, which are useful in many contexts.

Deflationary Spiral – Some people worry about Bitcoin being “deflationary”, that it appreciates over time.

Facebook is not worth $33,000,000,000 – It’s getting beyond ridiculous and when even serious publications like Forbes jump on for a ride.

Statistically rigorous Java performance evaluation – This paper won the 10-year most influential paper award at OOPSLA this year.

The Milan Police Have A High-Tech Solution To Catch Robbers


The real reason American health care is so expensive

The Country with No Territory


How Much Plastic Do You Eat?

Our Story in 1 Minute

How Does Stealth Technology Work?


What Realistic Film Dialogue Sounds Like

How Technicolor changed movies

Black Mirror


Employees who stay in companies for more than 2 years get paid 50% less – There’s an image that has come to be associated with millennials – that they are changing jobs every couple of years. This is said to look bad on a resume.

Road signs suck. What if we got rid of them all?

Job Searching? Skip The Job Boards And Take These Five Steps Instead – As one career expert explains, the art of “speculative job applications” may be a numbers game, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

The Town Where Gap Year Kids Went To Die

Leadership Anti Patterns

Why cities are full of uncomfortable benches

From inboxing to thought showers: how business bullshit took over – Vacuous management-speak is easily laughed off – but is there a real cost to talking rubbish?

Are We Running Out of Ideas?

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