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ProLinks #6

Should you comment your code? Is there poo everywhere? How are people switching jobs? More inside.


Why the Update Fever is Bad – I just got asked by a customer why there hasn’t been an update for several months now for one of the software products I create. 
Comment Your Code – There’s a disturbing thread that pops up every once in a while where People On The Internet say that comments are bad and the only reason you need them is because you and/or your code aren’t good enough. I’m here to say that’s bullshit.

Fast software is a discipline, not a purpose – When people train, they usually don’t try to actually run faster or lift heavier weights.
Technical interviews are garbage. Here’s what we do instead – At Xtreme Labs, Farhan hired 1,000 people over four years.

No, it is not a compiler error. It is never a compiler error. – The compiler did not have a bug. The compiler never had a bug. The bug was always in the programmer’s code and usually in their understanding of the language.

Brilliant Jerks in Engineering – Many of us have worked with them: the engineering jerk who is brilliant at what they do, but treats others like trash.

What Team Structure is Right for DevOps to Flourish? – The primary goal of any DevOps setup within an organisation is to improve the delivery of value for customers and the business, not in itself to reduce costs, increase automation, or drive everything from configuration management.
Keyboard latency – If you look at “gaming” keyboards, a lot of them sell for $100 or more on the promise that they’re fast.
Business questions engineers should ask when interviewing at ML/AI companies – If you’re a data scientist or engineer and are considering a job, here are some interesting questions to ask during the interview.


How Trump turned Sean Hannity into a conspiracy theorist


Is There Poo Everywhere?

How Can You Change Somebody’s Opinion?

The Nuclear Waste Problem

Can a Human See a Single Photon? – The human eye is very sensitive but can we see a single photon?

Your Amazing Molecular Machines

Thinking the Way Animals Do: Unique insights from a person with a singular understanding. – As a person with autism, it is easy for me to understand how animals think because my thinking processes are like an animal’s.


OK Go – Obsession


Switching Jobs – When people move to different jobs, here’s where they go.
How to present the competition – The best slide to talk about competition of your product or company depends on your specific market.
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