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ProLinks #5

As I took a vacation after a long time and did not manage my time well, you can read this edition of ProLinks unusually on Tuesday. Non the less, you can learn about bitcoin bubble, where to live based on your weather preferences or how to spot really smart people.


The bitcoin bubble – There may be good reasons for buying bitcoin. But the dominant reason at the moment is that it is rising in price.
How to take great Engineers & make them great Technical Leaders

What a C programmer should know about memory – Many years and “every programmer should know about” articles later, the concept of virtual memory is still elusive to many, as if it was a kind of magic.
Asshole-driven development – From Agile, to Extreme Programming , to Test Driven Development (TDD), the acronyms and frameworks keep piling up. Why?
Silicon Valley’s Top Product Managers Use Feature Flags — And You Should Too – How product managers at top companies control releases and accelerate the product lifecycle.

Why software engineers don’t get jobs: Three (+1) horror stories – Recruiting is messier than you think. I tell three stories where great engineers were rejected for reasons that had nothing to do with their engineering performance or cultural-fit.
What’s new, Atlas?

The cargo cult of versioning – All software comes with a version, some sequence of digits, periods and characters that seems to march ever upward.
Face ID beaten by mask, not an effective security measure – Bkav Corporation today holds a demo, unveiling the principle to figure out the flaw in the iPhone X’s Face ID facial recognition system, and recommends that Face ID technology is not as secure as Apple claimed.

RSS: there’s nothing better – “An RSS feed? That’s so 2007!”
A Quantum Achievement: But it’s Just the Beginning – We wanted Firefox to be faster. Much faster. But it’s not enough to just be fast — our goal was to make an overall better browser for the user. Why have all that speed if you’re not going to put it where the user wants it most?
StackLetter – StackLetter is a personalized newsletter for the Stack Exchange Network.
UI design as if users actually mattered: backwards compatibility – About once a month, an app that I regularly use will change its UI in a way that breaks muscle memory, basically tricking the user into doing things they don’t want.
What is Intel Optane?


How to Stay Focused If You’re Assigned to Multiple Projects at Once – In theory, this system of “multiteaming” offers a number of upsides: You can deploy your expertise exactly where and when it’s most needed, share your knowledge across groups, and switch projects during lull times, avoiding costly downtime.


The military coup in Zimbabwe, explained

How Morally Outraged Are You? Well, That Depends on Who’s Watching

Alabama Reacts to the Roy Moore Accusations

Trump-Proofing America’s Nukes: The Daily Show

The Trump Presidency


Emergence – How Stupid Things Become Smart Together

Where to live

How Restaurants Use Psychology to Make You Spend More Money

Dunbar’s Number


A Study of “So Bad It’s Good” Movies


What Is The Most Dangerous Drug In The World?

How To Tell If Someone Is Truly Smart Or Just Average – Have you ever noticed how some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and leaders see reality in a fundamentally different way? 
Losing Louis – At the beginning of the year, I sat on the edge of my nosebleed seat in Portland’s crowded Moda Center as Louis C.K. took the stage to thunderous applause.
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