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ProLinks #3

I was visiting customers in Bangkok during last week, so the stuff I have read and watched was mostly to relax after long day. But still you can learn something about algorithms, teamwork and what happens, when a monkey bites you in Asia. Enjoy!


Why cross-functional teams fail? How solver-teams sail! – A “cross-functional project” is a synonym for “nightmare project” in any corporate. One has to remain on guard from so-called cross-functional team members.
Sorting Algorithms Revisualized – Anyway, starting with merge sort. Merge sort works by taking two sorted lists, and merging them together to make a larger sorted list. However, since we’re starting out with an unsorted list, we don’t have two sorted lists to merge together!


How Trump Is Mishandling the Opioid Crisis: The Daily Show


The “Rules” of Writing – So, the purpose of this question is to provide a place where we can list these axioms or “rules” of writing, and also weigh in on whether they are really self-evident truths or utter garbage (or maybe even something in-between).
Where do math symbols come from? – John David Walters
Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus – Extra Sci Fi – #1
Bitten By A Monkey in Cambodia
A global food crisis may be less than a decade away | Sara Menker

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