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Best AI and Data science newsletters and podcasts

If you want to be updated about all the great stuff that’s going on in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can go crazy. There is simply too much information and sources and you cannot possibly keep up with all of them.
I’m facing this right now, as I have started my PhD. studies. I will be doing research into deep learning and the development in this area is so fast, that you would be amazed. So I’ve searched for resources that can do some filtering for me and have great added value.
So here is the list of learning material, that will keep you updated and busy every week and is keeping me busy right now.


AI Weekly – Probably my favorite newsletter. All you need to know about news and learning material for AI.
Data Science Weekly – I think, that the name speaks for itself.
Python Weekly – This is not only about AI and machine learning topics, but Python is one of the main languages to do this and there is always lot of new material for me every week.
insideBIGDATA – BIG data newsleter.
O’Reilly Data – Bit more boring and commercial oriented, but there are always few interesting links about data science.
Connectionists – This is for researchers. Lot of news about conferences, workshops, even open positions, all around the world.
Data Science – Data Science stack exchange newsletters are great summaries about what people are finding hard to do in data science.
Open Data – New data-sets every week, to find or give.
O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence – Just as O’Reilly Data newsletter, bit boring and commercial oriented, but there are always few interesting links about AI.
Data Elixir – Another data science newsletter.
Data Machina – … and yet another 🙂
Hacker Newsletter – This newsletter is not about data science, but it will keep you entertained in intelligent way when you need a break.
Beer, Wine and Spirits – This is just for fun, and because I like beer and wine 🙂


Becoming a Data Scientist – How to get from student to master.
Data Skeptic – Skeptical look at data and research, or how to avoid wrong conclusions.
Learning Machines 101 – Great source for learning new machine learning techniques.
Talking Machines – Data scientists about their experiences.
You Are Not So Smart – This is about psychology, but it will help you to avoid biases in your research and your life.

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